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1,000 Guests | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Over a thousand guests have meandered through our land this year. ⁠

⁠Some as curious newcomers. Others, as long-time soakers returning to a place called home. ⁠

⁠Some stop by for a few hours. Most spent a night or two experiencing a full moon's magic. ⁠

⁠Solo wanderers, families, friends, and groups. Some chatty, others silent. Locals and big city dwellers. Neighbors and cross-country road trippers. Republicans and Democrats. Millennials and Boomers. And everything in between. Some needing, some giving, but nearly all leave something with someone. ⁠

⁠Their stories are endless and live only in our waters for now. But today, they will have a new home. Meet Volume One of our story, which has always been yours. ⁠

⁠You carry wisdom, guidance, advice, and even humor. Only time will tell what you write. But this much we already know.... humans will need to read it. ⁠

⁠Come pay our new Guestbook a visit next time you step into our River House. ⁠

⁠Water, Wilderness, Humans, and Spaces. These are our offerings, and you are their guest.



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