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40th Birthdays at Maple Grove Hot Springs

40 years of living. 40 hours of rest.

This weekend gifted our land with two remarkable celebrations of 40 years of life, love, contribution, and collaboration.

Entirely by coincidence, we hosted two back-to-back 40th birthday celebrations for two powerful friends of the land.

Clark—A man of his word. Four years ago, he came up on a whim to help rebuild our roof. After a few days on-site, he raised concerns about the quality of the foundation being built for our Forest Yurt.

He spoke up. We listened in.

The result? Clark not only rebuilt our yurt foundation in a week but he’s remained committed to every project since.

If you’ve set foot on this land, you’ve danced with Clark’s talent.

Francesca—A woman communing with her community. A guest, a food justice activist, and one of the seven women who helped us finance our future when banks fumbled their promise.

Both, in their own way, are an integral part of your guest experience. They uniquely invited their communities to celebrate years of living with days of rest.

From yurt ceremonies to Shoshone storytelling, both communities met 40 years head-on with full hearts.

At the beginning, middle, and end of the day, THIS IS WHY WE EXIST.


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