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A Reflection on Change | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Almost exactly one year ago, we shared this image on Instagram, along with some thoughts on change. ⁠

⁠Magically, it rings truer now than ever before.

⁠April 2019—:

⁠"Spring reminds us that CHANGE is something we can rely on. Melting snow gives way to sprouting sage. Animals feel it, plants embody it, and humans can’t help but smile at it. ⁣⁠

⁣⁠We know things change. And while warmer days feel welcome, not all changes do. We know that too. Change is often unwelcome and uncomfortable. ⁣⁠

⁣⁠We know this truth, but we forget it. We even fight it. It's human nature. Nature, however, dances with change. Do the Swans of Maple migrate on the same date? Do the Walleye of Bear spawn at a set hour? No. They read nature's cues and adapt. And adjust. And survive. ⁣⁠

⁣⁠As a business, we are changing too. It's both exciting and uncertain. We know you wonder. Will prices rise? The crowds grow? Can we bring this or you drink that? It's human nature to wonder. ⁣⁠

⁣⁠One truth we all know, however, is that she has not been thriving of late. Nobody wins when she passes hands, falls into disrepair, or closes her doors. ⁣⁠

⁣⁠Over the coming weeks, we will share with you the changes required to adapt and the many things that remain the same.⁣⁠

⁣⁠But know this: as her stewards, we pay attention to the cues we read in the wind, including your passion as customers. Whatever changes may come, our hope is that we react less like humans and more like nature. If we can all adapt. She can survive. ⁣⁠

⁣⁠Oh, and don't worry, she will still have affordable pricing, quiet crowds, local access, and HOT WATER!!! Stay tuned for how we aim to pull that off!"⁠


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