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A Reflection on Our First Year | Maple Grove Hot Springs

A year ago, almost to the day, we broke ground on what would be a non-stop marathon of restoration.

Lack of internet, electricity, cell phone service, and, honestly, time meant that most of that marathon exists only in the memories of those in the race.

Now that the dust has settled, we will be flashing back to the process with some before, after, and behind-the-scenes chaos of our journey.

⁠There were epic fails, lucky wins, and some gritty moments of near collapse. But we made it. And now our journey includes you.

⁠Pictured is our last big project of 2019, our River House Patio. Hosting over 40 creative makers, artists, and entrepreneurs as part of the Wylder Goods retreat was a fitting way to break into the new spot.

⁠Only days before, we settled into what the space should be. As if to ensure no looking back, we let a few rookies have at existing cement with some heavy machinery.

⁠The night before, we would forego sleep in favor of laying our stone spiral, one piece at a time.

Hours before, we would scramble, panic, shout, and cry as each final touch came into being.

⁠Minutes before, we would dust off our faces and pretend as if that damn patio had always been there. Which, in a way, it had.⁠


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