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Breaking Ground on the Stone Shelters | Maple Grove Hot Springs

After three years, almost to the date, of stepping in and observing this land, we have officially BROKEN GROUND on a new chapter that is equal parts exciting and terrifying.

We’re nervous. You’re nervous. We’ve got this.

Broken ground. What a phrase. What a truth.

In a way, it symbolizes the juxtaposition of being a Human on Earth these days. Nearly everything we do to eat, sleep, survive, move, and more breaks this Earth.

If we continue to simply break ground, the land we pass down to future generations will, simply put, be broken.

Our task, obviously, is not to cease to exist but to radically evolve into a species that learns and remembers how to live WITH—not OFF OF—the land.

To culturally celebrate sustainable ways of thinking.

To technologically pioneer less harmful, or better yet, regenerative methods of being.

To historically revive indigenous techniques of living.

And to financially incentivize a planet to slow down the breaking and speed up the healing. It’s a lot.

So on this land, this week, on this soil, we take our breaking pretty damn seriously.

It almost feels sacred.

Between now and June, you’re invited to join us as we transparently open the door to see how we are thinking, deciding, spending, and building in a way we hope can be equal parts educational and experimental.

What we create will be a blend of old-world knowledge and forward-leaning applications in an attempt to harness natural heat, dance with the Seasonal sun, and, most importantly, naturally shelter the body, mind, and soul.

What we create will be known as Stone Shelters.

We won’t get it all right, but we are hell-bent on giving it our all alongside our co-creators Solstice Design Build, cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, Image Rock, legends like Bill and Clark, and many, many more!

Wish us luck, patience, and a hint of trust, and explore our calendar for inclusive project workshops, volunteer camps, and more!


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