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Closed Until April 1 for Covid-19 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

We are closing until April 1. Going with the flow. That’s what we said yesterday. ⁠

⁠Well, it’s today. And today, the flow is raging toward doing more, not less, to nip this in the bud. ⁠

⁠It’s simple. We, as a rural hotel and recreational destination, cannot guarantee that the guests we draw will not negatively impact the broader community. That our cleaning practices will be 100 percent effective. That our staff will be safe. That we won’t make things worse. ⁠

⁠And this is all so hard to say because our staff, our customers, and our experience seem to all long for one another now more than ever before. ⁠

⁠It is our view that, as customers, we ought to stay home for a bit. That it’s our responsibility to trade in tourism for card games at home with loved ones. That our desire to get out may create unsustainable challenges for small towns, rural neighborhoods, and fellow travelers. ⁠

⁠That as a business, we need to be proactive, patient, and creative. That our financial concerns today don't outweigh our community health tomorrow. So, here goes nothing. Or everything. But it’s definitely something. ⁠

⁠Stay tuned and stay safe!


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