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Community Manager Jennifer | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Meet Jennifer, our Community Manager.

⁠Per usual around here, she initially reached out, offering to help with our garden. "My girls and I have been coming for over a decade!" she said. "I just want to be up on the land."⁠

Fast forward five months, and she’s been moving and shaking much more than just our plants (although she does plenty of that, too, don't get us wrong). ⁠

⁠Since opening day, she has helped build our guest experience as a weekend site host, often with two patient sidekicks (her girls). Long before we had power, water, toilets, showers, and a cash register, she committed to helping shape our processes and bring back a place she loved with order and style. Often spotted dancing in the yurt, she also infuses this place with joy and expression. Guests feel heard, seen, and welcome. ⁠

⁠As we wind down our inaugural season, we can't help but express deep appreciation for all of those who reached out and joined the team when the job wasn't easy. When the vision wasn't visible. And the work wasn't always paid. Thanks to people like Jennifer, it was at least always fun. ⁠

⁠Our advice for people looking to add value to projects you care about? Reach out with a willingness to help anywhere, do great work, be authentic, and be fun—that project will naturally find a home for you. ⁠

⁠Plus, it also helps when you are the former Executive Director of the Stokes Nature Center in Cache Valley.


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