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Connection in Our First Season | Maple Grove Hot Springs

As we start welcoming our first guests for our first season EVER, we have already learned so much. Watching families, couples, friends, and solo travelers use the space makes everything feel real. There’s no going back, only forward. But into what? We quickly realized that our job and product might not be what we thought it was.

What we are watching from the sidelines is not really hot springs recreation; it’s connection.

Connection to oneself, to those they have come with, to those they are just freshly meeting, and to the grounding pace of Mother Nature.

It turns out we are not in the business of hot springs. We are in the business of supporting meaningful human connections, with some offerings that occasionally include hot springs. Last night it also included music and a rainstorm and a campfire, and some stories. There was a mouse somewhere in there, too.

So if you’re wondering how we are thinking about our customer service and our goal as your hosting team, know that success for us isn’t just about hot water and clean pools. It’s about whether or not our land, center, and daily rhythms foster connection. It’s a tall order, but we are also seeing that Maple does most of the work.

We are also learning that we need more sheets. Lots more.


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