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Conscious Capitalism Lead by Women | Maple Grove Hot Springs

If you're wondering if you should speak up, out, or into the unknown during moments of pivot, curiosity, need, or challenge, our advice is a resounding YES. ⁠

⁠The power of people convening around purpose will forever be the backbone of this community. Our hope is that it's increasingly the foundation of our society moving forward. ⁠⁠

One week ago, when we exhaled an invitation to help us replace banks with a community-powered lending experiment, it set off a chain of events that is worth celebrating, examining, and sharing. ⁠⁠

What have we learned so far? That women are willing to bet on this community. ⁠

⁠In under 48 hours, over 80 individuals reached out with curiosity. Traditional investors, first-time lenders, family funds, regular soakers, repeat nightly guests, and simply kind people who share our irritation with commercial lending all raised a hand and said, "Let's talk". ⁠

⁠Now, a few days later, we are at 50 percent of our goal. And guess what? ⁠

⁠So far, it's 100 percent backed by WOMEN.

⁠Given that every banker we worked with so far was a man, this is a powerful departure in perspective, understanding, and awareness of who our customers are, who our team is, and what this community is about. ⁠

⁠Far too often, women are not at the table when deals are presented, made, or decided on when it comes to investing, finance, and assessing risk. And that needs to change. ⁠

⁠But guess what, world—that tide has turned, and this is just one powerful example of that truth. ⁠

⁠So while we remain eager to connect with ANY intentional investor interested to join our experiment, we are deeply inspired by what we've seen so far- ⁠

⁠A customer-backed, diverse, representative force for financial strength with the power to replace a status quo set of tools that is failing to adapt to a changing, diverse, and creative world. ⁠

⁠THIS IS CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM. And it appears to be led by women. ⁠


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