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Farewell Madison and Austin | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Where to begin? ⁠

⁠When gratitude fills the hearts of a family of co-workers because their teammates are reaching the end of a season together, that's a hard question. ⁠

⁠So instead, where to end? ⁠

⁠A job extremely well done. That's where. ⁠

⁠As our 2020 Site Hosts, Madison and Austin, wrap up their last days on our land, and we are filled with deep thanksgiving for how they leave us—stronger, smarter, and calmer. ⁠

⁠Their individual talents, along with their combined tact, have made our days more fun, more easeful, and filled with growth as a culture, retreat center, and recreational base camp.⁠

⁠If you were a team member, you received golden feedback in the most graceful manner. Your days were more organized. Your dinners more delicious. Your burden infinitely lighter. ⁠

⁠If you were a guest, you had talented guides watching every step. Your conversations led to connections. Your experience outside and in was curated with care. Your wellness infinitely accelerated. ⁠

⁠We believe in chapters here, and for us, each chapter has authors that write the pages. 2020 will always be one of the wildest challenges imaginable, and the fact that we are stronger now than before is a testament to the authors at the helm during this one. ⁠

⁠Guys, they're headed places. In fact, they are running. Let's give them a big hug for taking a dip in our waters along the way.⁠



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