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Inauguration Day 2021 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Change, redesign, restoration, and reimagination are woven into the story of our land and waters.

Today, we collectively welcome this inevitable truth as a Nation by bearing witness to the Inauguration of President Biden and VP Harris.

The last few months have told a story that we don’t subscribe to over here. A story that says we are different, divided, at odds, and incompatible as a society. That it's blue vs red, big city vs small town, white against brown. That the color of our collars comes with a set of beliefs that draw important lines.

No thanks.

Out here, in real life, when a car gets stuck, everyone pushes. When a kid is crying, everyone looks to help. When someone is lost, directions are offered from both sides. That's the story of our day-to-day, which can also be our month-to-month and even year-to-year.

When we started our restoration, people were worried. Will Maple look, feel, and even operate differently? The answer we gave was a simple but true one:

“Yes. Probably. But whatever we do, and however it ends up, we sure do hope you see, feel, and experience the love we put into it.”

So today, change, redesign, and reimagination are on the horizon. Things will likely look, feel, and operate differently. Just as they did four years ago.

We sure hope we see, feel, and experience some love being put into it. It’s the same love that pushes a car when it’s stuck. That finds parents for a crying kid. That passes on tips for a lost traveler. It’s that love that we are capable of.

Love both creates and accepts change, redesign, and re-imagination.


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