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Introducing the Creek Pool | Maple Grove Hot Springs

As a steadily evolving restoration project, we find that yesterday’s problems often give birth to some of today’s most enjoyable creations.

Take our newest addition—the Creek Pool.

For the last two years, a dangerously deep, winding, dry ravine in the middle of our shore, initially forged by flash flooding, was growing in size and consuming at least one river-gazing guest a week as they unknowingly stepped into the chasm.

At the same time, since the first day we landed here, a blasting series of pipes and extremely hot water marred the otherwise pristine shoreline with a foreboding eruption that symbolically screamed, “Stay away.”

Neither feature, to say the least, made anyone feel safe, let alone welcome.

Two years of observation later, we are beyond ecstatic to bid farewell to the ravine with an above-ground stream of previously underutilized irrigation runoff.

That stream now winds through the heart of the property and splashes into a wild shoreside boulder pool that will evolve over time, as all-natural pools should.

So what’s our takeaway? When problems surface, they will watch them. A lot. If they don’t solve it themselves, and they often do, have some fun with it.


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