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It's Official | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Every scheme or project has a moment of complete darkness. Of near failure. Of imminent collapse. When those involved find somewhere safe, like a car or an aisle in a grocery store, and melt away to tears, or heavy breathing, or tooth grinding, or weirder.

And then, usually, out of necessity, irrationality sets in. The chaos calms. Eyes turn back on. The grocery shopping continues as if nothing ever happened. Not because a solution was found but because the lack of one is simply too horrifying to consider.

Then, in the future, it almost always works out. I wish we could always remember that.

Today, we OFFICIALLY closed on the purchase of Maple Grove Hot Springs. Something that felt nearly impossible on many more than one occasion. Perhaps another day, we’ll tell the story of what had to happen after we’d unloaded our groceries that day.

Of the big banks that viewed solar power as a liability, not an asset, whose handshake and word apparently didn't mean much, of the integrity found in business when sellers are creatively patient with buyers, about friends and family who back visions, not projections, of strangers collaborating like neighbors and partners supporting like brothers.

So today, this completely average, even boring document signing feels like we just landed on the moon. It represents the highs, the lows, and the many people not pictured here coming together to bring Maple back to life.

Behind most small businesses are humans, hustling, hopeful humans.

Cheers to our partners, Jordan, Josh Stuart, Mikelle and Aum, Chris Erickson, David Sayre, and Mama Kim, and to our rockstar founding financiers Brent Andrus, Fashion, Deb, and Papa Steve! 🤝 to the ever-patient Stockings!


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