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Meet Kandace Glynn | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Water is always on the move. It's springing forth, running down, flowing fast, and pooling up. Even the biggest of lakes move like oceans in a storm. It cannot sit still. ⁠⁠We love that about water. Around here, its movement is steady. It brings life, healing, joy, and lessons. While it gathers in our pools, it feels as though it's exactly where it's meant to be, forever. ⁠

⁠Yet, just as fast as it flows in, it flows out. Moving on to our shore, then reservoir, then river, then lake, and beyond. ⁠

⁠So, too, flow the Humans who support this space. ⁠

⁠Kandyce Glynn Keller joined us in early Spring to lead our hospitality efforts. In a pre-pandemic world, she was meant to lay low while preparing for a Master's degree in Public Health with an emphasis on epidemiology. ⁠

⁠Little did she know just how important her preparation would be. That her time at Maple would look different than we all anticipated. That after, she would enter a field of study that a changed world needed now more than ever. ⁠

⁠While flowing through our land, team, and space, she taught us so much. To be brave. To work hard. To speak directly. To seek and offer advice. To have dreams and goals, and passions. And most importantly, to wake those dreams into reality. Which, sadly for us, means that she must head on to her next shore, then river, then lake. ⁠

⁠We are so thankful for her time at Maple, and we wish her the best as she takes her love of wellness into the world of public health. ⁠

⁠If you're feeling stuck in a pond during this pandemic, let her movement inspire you to find your flow. As Humans, we were born to heed the water's call to move. ⁠


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