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Our Ecuador Service Experience | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Where shall we begin?

Like all life-changing forays into the unknown, we’re feeling overwhelmed by the weight of a storyteller's burden to convey the magic and magnitude of our inaugural Be Well Expedition of Hot Springs and Humanitarian Work in Ecuador.

So, instead, we’ll humbly start with where we ended:

On a beautifully raw afternoon during a rare window of sun and stillness. Surrounded by friends, old and new, we leaned in as invited partners to cement our deep human exchange through a ceremonial rite of passage.

A baptism of sorts. Not of religion, nor belief, nor even faith. But one rooted in culture, community, collaboration, and change.

One initiated through long days of digging and trenching. Late nights singing and dancing. In slow conversations and fast connections. In giving and receiving. In teaching and in learning.

A baptism through fire, and water, and mud, and sweat. A baptismal reminder of being human.

This is where we ended. Last week, on the river banks beneath Peguche Falls in the highlands of Imbabura. Tired and excited. Alive and well.

The story of how we got there is now one we will be telling for some time to come.

Now at home, we are feeling grateful for those friends, customers, and travelers who chose to venture into the unknown with us.

We are inspired by the work of CHOICE Humanitarian and ever-more hopeful thanks to the community-centered stewardship of those in Fackcha Llackta.

So much more to come!


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