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Our First Wedding! | Maple Grove Hot Springs

This just in: they do!!!

While the world still wrestles with new and complex challenges, Humans everywhere remind us that passages of life, treasured and timeless, can still go on. In fact, they must.

This last weekend, our Land was embraced by the love of Denise and Max as they confronted the winds of this crazy year by leaning into one another for strength, joy, and celebration.

A small and intimate gathering of the family bore witness to their union in our group yurt amidst a weekend of BBQs, poolside concerts, morning yoga, and riverfront dinners.

For just a few days, our public space quieted down to support this private gathering.

And, of course, for us, it was OUR FIRST WEDDING! For as long as Maple shall live, these two love birds will always be our first true love. Congrats, you two!


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