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Re-startup with Covid-19 Accommodations | Maple Grove Hot Springs

We have always considered ourselves a startup. Now, we are learning what it's like to operate like a re-startup. ⁠

⁠It starts with slowly easing back nightly guests this weekend who are joining us for a few days at a time. ⁠

We remain closed for day-soaking until May 15. Right now, however, you can schedule your soaking session or book a nightly stay up through Oct. ⁠

⁠Until the dust settles, we are unable to accommodate drop-in soakers and encourage everyone to shoot us a call or schedule online. ⁠

⁠One of the hardest parts of being a start-up, and re-startup, is knowing when to say no to certain opportunities in order to be ready to say yes when the timing is right. ⁠

⁠Business is back to unusual, as it should be. Stay safe, be distant, and hang in there!⁠

⁠Pictured here are Canvas one through three, patiently waiting to meet you.


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