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Reflection on 2022 Part Two | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Each year, as Humans, we are either becoming more or less ourselves. ⁠⁠

Part of the magic is that we never really know who we are until we arrive. Equally, part of the struggle is that sometimes we learn who we are not when we depart. ⁠

⁠Often, whether we are coming to, or going from our true self, is the great mystery. ⁠

⁠What we do know is that rarely, if ever, are we staying put. In life, and on these shores, it turns out we are usually on the cusp of arriving or departing into something or someone or someplace. ⁠

⁠Around here, 2022 felt like we had more days arriving than departing. ⁠

⁠As a community, here are some of the magical arrivals, by the numbers, that have us feeling like we know who we are:

  • ⁠Over 5,600 daily soakers⁠

  • 9,500 nightly guests⁠

  • 14 retreats and workshops⁠

  • One new gathering pool⁠

  • One fresh waterfall rinse⁠

  • Three Stone Shelters⁠

  • An estimated five tons of stone collected⁠

  • A rotating cast of 18 team members, 15 craftsmen, four excavators, and 12 cement trucks⁠

  • Three broken pressure washers⁠

  • One exploded generator ⁠

  • 12 days without power⁠

  • Seven female financiers⁠

  • Zero polo-shirt-wearing bankers⁠

  • Six percent of profit donated to causes we care about⁠

  • 365 days of equal parts luck, hustle, and gratitude⁠

  • And, most importantly, Six hot mineral pools hovering between 98°–107° F.

What. A Year. ⁠

⁠2023, saddle up, we've got some surprises on the horizon, and we have no doubt you do too. We'll see you on the other side. ⁠

⁠From our family to yours, Be Well!⁠


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