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Reflections on 2022 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

A year on this land often feels like a lifetime. This means as the conclusion of a year arrives with the Winter Solstice gift of the most restful brief day of the year, we are drawn to celebrate what a life this year has been. ⁠⁠

Thanks to all of you guests, contractors, partners, peers, team, and friends old and new, 2022 has been our most dynamic year of creation yet. ⁠⁠

Collectively, we've given birth to new pools and age-old Stone Shelters. ⁠

⁠We've trusted experimental events and doubled down on annual traditions. ⁠

⁠We've confronted risky bets and called out for creative customer capital. ⁠

⁠We have pressed nearly every limit as a team and waded our way through challenges, planned and not, to surface alive and well and energized and grounded. ⁠

⁠As the sun sets for its longest sleep tonight, we rest in gratitude for all that the hustling of this long year has gifted. ⁠

⁠In fact, as we speak, our entire team is out cleaning these sacred community pools, caring for your simple restful spaces, and passing along team traditions to new members who have just arrived for the season. ⁠

⁠Tonight, we have only dreams for what awaits this next year, but this much we do know, where we are as a community right now, in this very moment, is perfect just the way it is. ⁠

⁠Cheers to being a part of one heaven of a year!


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