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Rituals | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Rituals, it turns out, offer liberation, not captivity. ⁠

⁠Habit, tradition, routine, ceremony, seasonality, and ritual offer an anchor. But into what?⁠

⁠Not an anchor to any particular place or thing or person. Certainly not to any specific idea or belief. Rather, a tie to a purpose. A reminder of an intention.⁠

When we discover how we want to feel, think, behave, interact, and experience the world, rituals become north stars in a universe of possibility. ⁠

⁠These stars are unique to every human, family, community, culture, and even business. Given all the choices we face on a daily basis, the art of taking some choices off the table is just one fruit of ritual. ⁠

⁠Another? Rituals offer a deliberate simplicity to the choices we organically let remain. ⁠

⁠Today, as always, is our ritual of closing our space for cleaning, team building, exploring, resting, and preparing for all that lay ahead. ⁠

⁠Whatever yours are, we hope they set you free as regularly as ours set us.


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