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Shoutout to Cash | Maple Grove Hot Springs

4 months ago, a software developer on the road reached out. He had visited us as a guest and felt drawn to return and lend a hand. ⁠

⁠After learning about his talents, interests, and goals, we actually offered him a job.⁠

⁠But you see, not everyone on Earth is looking for money. Cash, which coincidentally is his name, was looking for some experience alongside a much more valuable currency—flexibility and time. ⁠

⁠So, we welcomed Cash onboard as a resident fellow where he would park up for the Fall and lend a few hrs a day in exchange to live here. ⁠

⁠When he isn't holding back his maniac dog Quinn from trouncing into the water, he has been investing a great deal of detail into our Winter prep by keeping our grounds the best they have ever looked. Raking, wood chopping, wood storing, and wood restocking (did we mention wood?) have been staple offerings that have allowed us to stay ahead of the curve for the first season EVER. ⁠

⁠With a knack for woodworking, zero-waste projects, and an attitude that is unwavering, Cash has left us feeling stronger, more confident, and intimidated by all his new Strava running records in the valley. ⁠

⁠This weekend, he heads on to new adventures but something tells us we'll see him around these parts again. If nothing more, to check up on his reclaimed wood owl nest he made. ⁠

⁠Cheers, Cash! You are going places. Literally.


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