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Sound Baths and Stone Sheltes | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Every Fall, it's like our entire business, community, and certainly, this land needs to take a long exhale. Sometimes by choice, sometimes by the natural demands of a wild land in a seasonal transition. But always, it seems, for the better.⁠

⁠So last week, exhale we did. ⁠

⁠We gathered to celebrate the completion of our Stone Shelters with a self-guided experiential tour alongside our friends, cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. We sound bathed in silence, we told BBQ-side battle stories of construction and design, and most importantly, we let friends old and new explore the spaces, each in their own way. ⁠⁠

In the afternoon, touring gave way to gathering as we welcomed into our new spaces with a blessing on the land from one of its brothers Darren Parry, followed by…how do we put it? MAGIC. ⁠

Joshua James took the crowd on a relaxed journey of thoughtful songwriting and acoustic bliss as we all floated out the hustle of the Summer and let in the slower pace of Fall. ⁠

⁠Days like this are why we exist. Days full of gratitude, good company, creative souls, and community celebration. ⁠⁠

So it is in that spirit that you'll find more restful experiences popping up this month, from acoustic shows in our yurt to Wim Hof workshops next weekend. If you are feeling the need to exhale, WE GOT YOU.


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