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Talent and Attitude | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Finding great talent isn’t easy, but when it’s found, it’s pretty great.

We have seen that outside contractors and hires make or break a lean operation. We have had costly misfires we are still paying for. We have had random drop-ins that still keep us afloat. Both remind us that nailing the people behind a project is single-handedly the most important thing. So what have we learned?

First, that TALENT isn’t enough. We’ve seen talented people come and then go. Those who take the time to understand the vision, trust where it’s headed, and COMMIT are the types of people you want on a team. Paychecks are only part of what drives them. Clarky, we are talking about you.

Second, talented people who show up daily are awesome, but also not enough. We’ve learned that ATTITUDE turns a great woodworker into an amazing plumber in a pinch. Open, positive minds mean a wide-open definition of what their contribution to a team can be. And that means, sure, they do the job they were hired for, but they also take a look around and lend a hand well beyond their contract.

Pictured here is Ryan, setting aside the day bed building he was hired for to dive into our plaster workshop. A handful of people like him are talented but also committed and positive. For us, that combo has been a game-changer.

Hit us up if you wanna know who has stuck with us, left behind nothing but quality work, and been an absolute delight to create with.


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