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Teen Suicide Prevention—Ripples | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Sometimes, moments happen in the pools where we think... ⁠

⁠"If this whole effort was meant for one experience, and this was it, it's been entirely worth it. We could cease to exist tomorrow, and our purpose will have come to life."⁠

⁠Last Sunday's Suicide Prevention Training was another one of those moments. ⁠

⁠Like ripples in a pond, we have no idea what will, and more importantly, will not, take place in response to the community conversation on Sunday. Those who gathered elevated their capacity to be a resource to someone in the throes of suicidal thought. ⁠

⁠Moments like these are our purpose. Moments like these are why we exist. ⁠

⁠Moments like these are only just the beginning.


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