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The Business of Safe Space | Maple Grove Hot Springs

We are in the business of providing SAFE SPACE. ⁠

⁠This June, the idea of safe space has been on our minds. It’s a month colored in LGBTQ Pride, rooted in the raw celebration of slavery ending, and right now, a month mourning yet again the horrors of our uniquely American culture of mass shootings. ⁠

⁠The safe space business is everybody’s business. ⁠⁠

Camping, retreats, events, and even hot springs come second to our primary offering—a container of safety. And guess what? If you are a guest here, even for just a few hours, that better be your offering too. ⁠⁠

So what is safe space? In our view, it's a predictable social and physical atmosphere where humans of all shapes, sizes, beliefs, orientations, colors, abilities, and quirks feel at ease. ⁠

⁠Safe spaces create sighs of relief. ⁠⁠

They prevent any one person, group, or identity from hijacking the collective rhythm. They let you be you without smothering my being of me. In these spaces, your choices elevate my experience. They do not co-opt my story into your chaotic chapter. Your entitlements don’t rob my un-consenting sense of self. ⁠⁠

Safe spaces invite us to confront our shared humanity. Loudness gives way to listening. Fighting quiets down for friendship. My way opens up to any way. ⁠⁠

They require clear agreements. Thoughtful boundaries, collective consent, and active reminders. They require holding. ⁠⁠

Safe space is both an active endeavor and a passive gift. This month, when you are in your school, neighborhood, workplace, bar, shop, gym, and home, ask yourself, are you in the business of SAFE SPACE? ⁠


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