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True Customer Service | Maple Grove Hot Springs

When it comes to customer service, we take a few liberties in defining our customers. ⁠

⁠If you've been to our land as of late, you've noticed the turkeys are making themselves right at home. This Winter, all wild animals are going to experience a struggle, unlike years passed. ⁠

⁠Whether it's disoriented deer descending in an attempt to break through the high snow pack for grazing or the ever-growing gaggle of Turkey who, counter to previous seasons, have opted to park it around our pools this year, something unusual is afoot. ⁠

⁠Our collective job, which includes you, is to thoughtfully admire from a distance. To not feed, touch, or entertain the wildlife. ⁠⁠

Rather, it's to silently appreciate how rare it is for them to be so close. And, to surrender to the reality, it's because they are tired, hungry, and on the move from one of the largest Winters in decades. ⁠

⁠As stewards, it's also their role to know when—and when not—to intervene. ⁠


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