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We're Snowed In | Maple Grove Hot Springs

It’s official. We are snowed in.

For the first time in four seasons, the only way in or out of the hot springs is by ski, snowmobile, or snowshoe!

Our team, together with the lottery-winning gaggle of overnight guests, are two days into being on full snow lockdown.

Thanks to our neighbors, the McGreggors, who muled us in, we are busy digging out two fresh feet of snow on top of the largest record of snowfall since 1984.

Craig and Jim, our born and raised on the Narrows neighbors, have not seen a year like this in well over 30 years.

Cheers to all those lucky soakers up here who are trapped for at least one more day and to our onsite hosts for doing what it takes to man our toasty island of an outpost!

If you have a reservation this weekend, we are planning on having restored access by Thursday.

Until then, wish us luck!


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