We're a small group of conservationists, healers, explorers, artists, and builders dedicated to honoring this pristine landscape. We believe personal wellness requires community support, that wild land teaches powerful lessons, and that human growth is rooted in new experiences.


Mother Nature knows what she’s doing, and she does it exceptionally well. Our goal is to let the nature of existence flood into as much of your experience as possible. Through organic food, protected ecosystems, natural materials, seasonal traditions and more, our hope is to blur the line between human and nature. 


We take our stewardship of the land seriously. We take your experience upon it seriously. Ourselves? Not so much. For us, life is richer with laughter, dialogue, music, dance, new adventures, and the deep feeling of joy that comes with self discovery and human connection. Our programming and events are aimed to balance personal growth and collective joy. 


Simply put, we must ensure that our enjoyment of this land, our efforts through business, and our experiences as customers are designed to last. As a fully off-grid community, we aim to reduce our impact through solar power, composting toilets, farm to table learning and more. Preservation is at the heart of everything we do. 


For most of us, slowing down and paying attention to the stillness isn’t easy. Our phones, social media, work, and busy schedules only make it harder. Our hope is to help you unplug, disconnect, and tune in to the daily rituals that the Bear River valley offers. Hiking trails, slow canoe journeys, bird watching, and more, help focus your experience on the present moment. 


May our land & guests impact you for the better. May your presence remain with both, long after you leave.

All center guidelines have been developed to ensure that guests have a safe, peaceful, and predictable visit. Whether you are joining us for a few hours or a few days, our hope is that this land and it’s waters contribute to your wellbeing, inside and out. In order to best guarantee that Maple can work her magic, every guest must do their part to ensure their personal behavior enhances, not diminishes, the collective experience.  



We're excited about our inaugural season. Explore these common questions about changes, the current guest experience, and how to have a smooth day & nightly visit. 

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11386 Oneida Narrows Rd, Thatcher, ID 83283

1(208) 244-0695


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10 am - 9 pm


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