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Community agreements are an essential aspect of our shared guest experience. Please review our booking policy for both daily soaks and nightly stays to decide if our cancellation policy is a good fit for you, your fellow guests,  and your personal travel needs. 

Due to the wild nature of our rather small and intimate Center, it's important to us that guests take the time they need to understand our land, shelters, and onsite offerings prior to booking. As an off-grid, nature based experience, we cannot guarantee that your visit will not be impacted by seasonal weather changes, wildlife, fellow guests, and the many dynamic conditions surrounding a visit to rural wilderness. In fact, we expect our natural and social atmosphere to be a delightfully refreshing aspect of your stay. 


Daily Soaking Cancellation Policy

Soaking reservations require 48 hrs notice to cancel. In the event of an approved cancellation, a credit will be held for up to 12 months from cancellation date. We are not able to process deposit refunds. Cancellations within 48 hrs will apply paid deposits towards unused reservations. 

Nightly Stay Cancellation Policy

All bookings for nightly stays are non-refundable. However, if notified 14 days in advance, we will happily hold a credit in your name for a future stay within 12 months. If you have to cancel under 14 days, we cannot guarantee a credit will be given but express the intention to take that on a case by case basis. Occasionally, last minute cancellations can be accommodated when transferred to another guest or in the event of a re-booking. Cancellations within 14 days may be subject to a transfer or rebooking fee between $25-50. 

Please note, we are not able to offer refunds for visits that are impacted by seasonal road closures, weather, or by delays related to attempting access via HW 36.

Our agreements reflect our desire, ability, & commitment

to offer all guests an EQUAL and TRANSPARENT experience.

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