Growth is rooted in new experiences, which are powerful when shared with family, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers. Consider convening at Maple Grove for your next experiential community gathering. 

Rooted in Community

Our group experiences are designed to offer made- to-suit hosting service, delicious food and plentiful amenities in a beautiful forest setting that comes with 45 acres of river, hot spring, and mountainside exploration. 

Yoga + Mindfulness Retreats
Surround your community with a holistic venue for building skills, inside and out. Whether its yoga, personal wellness, or shared hobbies, teachers can provide a classroom like no other
Weddings + Ceremonies
With accommodations for an entire wedding party, let this land be your getaway, your alter, your party, and your gift to friends & family
Corporate Trainings
Get out of the office and into an experience with your team
Community + Family Gatherings
Mens & womens groups, friends, families and more can reconnect and strengthen bonds
Group Getaways
All events can be catered with organic food and used to anchor in your many activities around ritual and tradition
Youth Camps
With endless water & land based recreation at your doorstep, help your youth unplug and tune in to the learning & growth found in nature
Fitness Retreats
Turn activities into team building through hikes, nature walks, and uncharted exploration
Birthdays and Milestone Celebrations
Customize the 45 acres to suit your event goals. Lighting, meeting spaces, decorations and more add your personal touch to a natural experience
Makers & artisans can turn this natural landscape into a canvas for teaching, collaborating, & skill building
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We offer full or partial rental of our private 45 acre property which includes:

River House  with cafe, kitchen, hearth, and bathhouse


10 furnished units spanning yurts, canvas tents, a wood cabin & campsites. Total group capacity is 50+


24 hr access to 4 mineral hot spring pools that can be open or closed to the public based on your event


30 ft yurt  for all group event needs featuring a comfy nest of textiles, loungers, and cushions designed for your needs


Riverside communal dining rooted in organic meals prepared on-site


River + reservoir beach access for canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, bird watching, reading, and napping


Hundreds of wild acres  for hiking,  biking, climbing, and strolling

30 ft Yurt
A unique venue for weddings, workshops, trainings, team building and more
Canvas Interior
Our canvas bell tents are fully furnished for 2-3 people. Each tent provides a unique guest experience
Yurt Deck
With capacity for over 50, this space is the anchor of your event. Its a classroom, yoga studio, ceremony temple, board room, design studio, and healing space
Perfect conversation spot after a dynamic workshop, training, or lesson.
Hiking Summit
River House Fire
Riverside Amphitheatre
Can seat 40 people for music, discussions, ceremonies and more. All with feet soaking in the water!
Experiential Dining
With several small and large fire pits, groups can wind down in a way that builds community.
River House Patio
Retreat Yurt + Amphitheater
Recreational opportunities abound for the in-between times that turns guests into a tight knit group

Explore the design, itinerary, and experience of a recent Creative Wyld Field Trip as featured in Sunset Magazine.


We are currently accepting group experience bookings for full and partial rental and all pricing varies based on group needs and size. 

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11386 Oneida Narrows Rd, Thatcher, ID 83283

1(208) 244-0695


See calendar for events, classes, 

& closures

10 am - 9 pm


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