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Soaking Passes


There are 14 naturally occurring minerals in our waters.

Through a process only Mother Nature can offer, the healing properties of each mineral combine to serve up a unique dose of mental, emotional, and physical support. 

Earth holds everything we need to be well. 

Humans have everything they need to find it. 


Sodium 508,000 ppb

An electrolyte, Sodium maintains blood pressure and improves circulation.

Potassium 69,000 ppb

A natural balancer of ph, Potassium reduces muscle cramps, normalizes heart rhythms, helps with healthy hydration.

Magnesium 22,000 ppb

A muscle strengthener that is known to improve chronic inflammatory conditions,

Lithium 750 ppb

A promoter of pain relief, Lithium reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.


Barium 93 ppb

A digestive system supporter, Barium helps balance the 

gastrointestinal tract.


Antimony 2.3 ppb

An anti-parasitic, Antimony assists in body detox.

Vanadium .48 ppb

Known to support the treatment of diabetes, anemia, low blood sugar, high cholesterol, and heart disease. 


Calcium 80,000 ppb

A promoter of healthy bone development that supports metabolic processes.

Silicon 25,000 ppb

An accelerator of healing, Silicon strengthens connective tissues and bones, keeps hair, nails, and skin healthy.

Strontium 2,000 ppb

In concert with Calcium, Strontium prevents osteoporosis and increases bone mass. 


Manganese 115 ppb

A powerful antioxidant supporting thyroid

and metabolism performance. 

Arsenic 47 ppb

A staple in Chinese medicine, Arsenic aids psoriasis and joint pain, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Titanium 2.1 ppb

Titanium helps regulate the energy system of the body and counteracts fatigue.


Beryllium .35 ppb

Found in human soft tissue, this mineral reduces radiation exposure and improves brain function.

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