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Be Well Wim Hof Winter 2023 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Our mission is simple:⁠

⁠Be well within the bodies we inhabit, the communities we gather, and the wilderness we steward. ⁠

⁠Our time, energy, resources, and creativity is focused on opening up offerings, activities, events, and workshops that help advance each of these core areas. ⁠

⁠At the heart of every workshop we offer is a simple goal—to introduce one another to ideas and practices that maybe, just maybe, have the chance to change the way we view our inner and outer landscape. ⁠

⁠Nothing achieves this in a more dynamic way than the practice of the Wim Hof Method, using one's mind, breath, and body to lean into our wild nature while confronting jarring natural conditions.

Under the guidance of Wim Hof instructor Shela Brate and the playful rhythms and stories of Billy Raaen, a new group of strangers will explore the connections of deep breathing, dance, sound bathing, and movement in order to unlock the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of exposing ourselves to natures harsh conditions. ⁠

Congrats to all the brave souls pushing into discomfort out there. WE ARE WITH YOU!⁠

With all-day access to soaking before, during, and after the workshop, as well as lunch and dinner provided, participants simply need to lean into the unknown and show up for a day of growth, discomfort, and breakthrough.


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