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Be Well Wim Hof Workshop Fall 2021 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

And just like that, another group of humans went from strangers to acting pretty strange, to feeling pretty familiar, and then, instantly, to being family. ⁠⁠

All in an afternoon. ⁠

⁠Our most recent Be Well Workshop—The Wim Hof Method, once again brought together folks from all walks of life and pushed them well beyond their comfort zones. ⁠

⁠Song, dance, screaming, breathing, plunging, and basically saying "YES I CAN" stretched physical, emotional, and social muscles that we humans often forget we have. ⁠

⁠On a day like this, the mission of our space feels like it's home. ⁠

⁠Thanks to the gifted Shela Brate and her one-of-a-kind team for leading us all deeper into our natural, wild, and very capable selves.⁠

⁠Until next time! And you better believe there will be a next time.


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