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Mother's Day 2019 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Happy Mother's Day!

In many ways, Maple Grove's water and land have always embodied the feminine magic of motherhood. For generations, humans have come here like children, always finding something only a mother's intuition could know they need.

We come tired, and her silent hills offer rest. We come lonely, and her wildlife reminds us we are not alone. We come to play, and her rivers, trails, and people engage us. We come confused, lost, or sick. And the healing presence of her warm waters helps us remember who we are and where we are going. Mother nature is always observing, reading between the lines, and providing and sustaining life.

This magic of motherhood can be found in many forms, through many people—mothers or not—through mentors, sisters, neighbors, grandmothers, partners, friends, and even strangers.

So today, in honor of this feminine magic, we are GIVING three powerful women in your lives a chance to relax and celebrate who they are with the ones they love up here at Maple with a free night in one of our Yurts when we open!


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