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Our First Wood-burning Stove | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Cedar, one of our two 16-foot Yurts, just got a major upgrade—a tiny wood-burning stove! ⁠

⁠Together with Juniper, these spaces now come equipped with everything you need to stay a LOT warmer on these cold Winter days. ⁠

⁠Maple has existed for a long time. But we will forever approach her new chapters by viewing her as a dynamic, evolving start-up. For us, that means that we are actively testing new things, listening to customer feedback, designing solutions, and implementing them as fast as possible. ⁠ Did you know most of our firewood is salvaged from a cabinet shop or harvested from our own 45 acres?⁠

⁠Goodbye, propane! We are one step closer to a more sustainable experience.


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