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Pop-up Yoga Gathering | Maple Grove Hot Springs

The word "Retreat" as a description of an event, gathering, or workshop on our land feels entirely ill-fitting. Life doesn't work if we all simply retreat. Into our comforts, our routines, our vacations, our similarities. It thrives when we take a moment to rest, redesign, and re-engage. ⁠

⁠Gathering, whether intentionally or not, to work on one's inner and outer landscape is no walk in the park. It's confrontation. It's work. It's breaking down. It's thinking differently. It's seeing new perspectives. It's growth. ⁠

⁠All with the purpose of balancing rest and re-emergence. For what end? ⁠

⁠Action. Change. Progress. Movement. ⁠

⁠We call them group experiences, and we encourage every group to be deliberate about the growth to be had when resting on our shores. ⁠

⁠How will your family tackle the remainder of 2020? How will your company survive the shutdown of a century? How will your community use your talents to solve its problems? How will your friends become closer after being so far apart?⁠

⁠Where ever you choose to rest these days, be deliberate about what the rest is for. ⁠⁠

Thanks, Jainee Dial, for a much-needed pop-up yoga class to help us all find our footing for the days ahead.


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