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Ripples | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Ripples. So many to count and so many to meet for the first time when we re-emerge into the world awaiting. ⁠

⁠While every family, community, and nation is at a different stage of this experience, our sense is we are collectively finding that some of these ripples carry unanticipated joy, learning, and connection. ⁠

⁠Video calls with old friends. Digital board games with Grandmas. Dinner rituals that require no new ingredients aside from extreme, even uncomfortable, presence. ⁠

⁠Some ripples, obviously, already dig deep. Offer pain. Present loss. Demand sacrifice. ⁠

⁠It's all part of this experience. The learning and the loss. ⁠

⁠Where ever you find yourself this weekend, don't forget to stop and smell the ripples in your pond. ⁠

⁠And remember, if we all do our part, we hope to re-open on May 1, in some form or another. ⁠

⁠Thanks, Andi Woolley, for this perfectly captured lesson just a few days before we closed our doors.


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