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Stone Shelters: Part Two | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Stone shelters week two—A foundation for your grandchildren.

These days, so much of what is built is built to be replaced, thrown away, or upgraded every year to the trend del dia. Sometimes, things aren’t even built. They popped up in the spirit of disposable use. Easy in, easy out.

Within outdoor tourism, there is a disposable movement aimed at getting as many people as possible TODAY onto wild land with as little investment and commitment for TOMORROW. The money generated leaves the communities as quickly as it entered.

Too often, when a unique experience catches fire, our capitalist knee-jerk reaction is to bottle it up and do one of two things…. scale and/or replicate. Outside investors look at a report and follow suit. In the spirit of growth, they pour gasoline on every Instagram-worthy piece of land or space out there.

What may have once been a single, character-rich, authentic airstream hotel becomes a brand of 40 across the nation. What was initially a creative way to make camping a hint more glamorous becomes an Instagram glamping replica in nearly every park we love.

If the big boxing of America’s main streets was any forecast, the McDonaldization of our wild lands and your traveling experience may already be in the works.

So how are we thinking about this all? Well, it's a feeling we call sustainable restraint.

To build as little as possible but to make what we build original, permanent, and, simply put, enough. Forever.

What we design here will only ever live here. What we build here will only be built once, to last, for a hundred years.

Our foundations are meant to be roots. Not roots feeding never-ending growth but rather feeding long-lasting depth in our guest communities.

These foundations are being hand poured by kids who were raised playing in these waters. Now, men—they pour roots for their kids to someday experience with their own eyes.

Nothing about this place can be bottled up and sold elsewhere. So, we are instead placing deep roots to ensure what exists today will never outgrow its future.

Much love to Eric and his crew of Preston native sons David, Manson, and Ian for cementing our future.


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