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Teen Suicide Awareness | Maple Grove Hot Springs

School has begun, and we need to talk about teen suicide. ⁠⁠

It is an epidemic, and we can all up our game to prevent it. ⁠

⁠Today, right now, someone within just a few degrees of separation may be feeling like today is their day. ⁠

⁠If you paused—for just a moment—we'll bet it wouldn't take long for someone you know to pop into your mind. ⁠

⁠But what can you and your teenage kids do? A lot, it turns out. ⁠

⁠Mental wellness and suicide prevention are topics of a conversation we are committed to keeping on the tips of our tongues.⁠

If you or someone you know is riding the waves of mental health, we have an evening created for anyone looking to be a buoy, even if just for themselves. ⁠This is perfect training for high school-aged students and parents. ⁠

⁠Mental health ups and downs are common. The taboo feelings that come with them, sadly, are common too and often prevent us from having open community conversations about this very human experience.

⁠This one-hour training comes with a free soaking pass to all who sign up and includes an afternoon of soaking before, during, and after your training. Southern Idaho health education specialist Tessa Donaldson will be guiding our training.⁠

⁠This community needs as MANY of you as possible to learn the basic tools to question, persuade, and refer those we love in moments of need.⁠

⁠⁠Someone you don't even know is depending on it. ⁠


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