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Wild Forest Enhancement Workshop | Maple Grove Hot Springs

We've accepted an exciting truth about Maple Grove - she is a living, breathing, working center. 

While she offers rest and relaxation, she requests daily attention. If that care goes overlooked, she demands it. 

If you've stepped on the land, you'll agree it's a fair price to pay. For us, that looks like gardening, weeding, critter control, mineral water management, growth restoration, and this weekend, FOREST and TREE care. 

As a working center, we welcome all to join in that process, lend expertise, and learn new skills.

On Saturday, June 29, one of our owners, Chris Erickson, demonstrated forest thinning practice and tree pruning techniques as we harvested firewood and mulch for heating and permaculture needs. With over 20 years of experience as an arborist and organic landscaper, he has much to offer this land.


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