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A Swan's Eye View | Maple Grove Hot Springs

A Swan's eye view...⁠

⁠On Oct 28, around 3 pm, we spotted the first three Trumpeter Swans coming in for a landing. ⁠

⁠As if a tarmac, they first make a pass over the Bear, likely catching this view. They then turn around 180 degrees and descend. The next part is nerve-wracking. They drop to about 12 inches above the water and coast in the air as if unsure about their landing. This goes on for hundreds of yards. Then, in a coordinated fashion, each Swan skims over the glassy water until their 30 pounds of white feather loudness plunge to a halt. ⁠

⁠Then, the orchestra begins. If you haven't seen this constant display of natural theatrics, come sit in one of our pools and watch the show. It's an ongoing performance morning, noon, and night. Only Mother Nature knows how long the show will be in town.


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