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Lesson in a Landslide | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Just in case you were on the fence about who is in control.

A reminder that no matter what we build, how smart we are, how creepy AI gets, how much pollution we spew, how many times we litter, how many waterways we contaminate, or how much climate we change, MOTHER NATURE WILL ALWAYS FIGHT BACK.

The tragedy here, however, is that this steadfast Juniper Queen did not flinch at all in her descent to the road. Over 75 feet tall and now 50 yards downhill from her birthplace, she barely moved an inch.

A fierce reminder of the forest's strong foundation.

And yet, even though her bold and defiant last stand is an awe-inspiring form of intimidation, it is she who will die in the end. Not us.

75 or more years in the making. A jarring last-gasp reminder that her collective—the Forest—is in charge. When she’s gone, that fact will still remain.

Folks, do yourself a favor and avoid the southern route to Maple. Something tells us this canyon has a lot more to say even still.

We are still accessible via HW 34, mile marker 29.

Come pay tribute to this mighty Queen during a soak or stay this weekend. She deserves a good send-off.


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