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Earth Day 2021 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Earth, like the mother she is, deserves a day, but let’s be honest, she doesn’t need it.

Certainly not from the Humans she gives all the many days and nights to. She needs something beyond 24 hours of her spinning us around.

She needs what those spins all add up to. She needs our lives.

Every second, minute, and hour of our collective existence hinges on us paying it forward, not to our kids, but to her.

Clean air, water, animals, and ecosystems aren't gifts we hand down to our kids after we’ve had our go with the hope they then pass what’s left off to theirs.

That misses the point. Earth isn’t ours to give or hand off at all. She isn’t for us. She just is. And her existence allows us. To live. To be alive. To be living.

So what she needs is for us to live for her sake. To be alive for her current struggles. To be living in a way that doesn’t cause her to die.

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