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Sound Bath and Dancing | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Everything comes down to what we do when we hear the music start to play...⁠

Somewhere between childhood, adolescence, teenhood, and adulthood, many of us forget how to let ourselves dance. Sometimes, it seems like most of us. ⁠

⁠It's not that we forget how to dance. Nobody knows how. That's the beauty of it—it just happens to you if you let it. Our small, little ones know that. ⁠

⁠So much HUMAN experience is like dancing. Love. Laughter. Adventure. Growth. Friendships. Wins. Art. Creativity. ⁠⁠

Even the hard stuff, at times, needs to be let in. Loss. Death. Failure. Rejection. Denial. ⁠

⁠All of it, good and bad, often comes to and through us as naturally as the movements of dance. And yet, as we age, something inside us tells us a lie. A lie that says when the music starts to play, we should feel uncomfortable about the movement that we start to feel. ⁠

⁠That the outside world is watching and judging and taking note. That's the lie. And as we age, we accept it as true. ⁠

⁠We adopt the lie as a safe belief. One that says expression is risky. Creativity is vulnerable. Art is audacious. Normal is nice. Predictability is peace. And most dangerously, that suppression is safety. ⁠⁠

Thank goodness we are living, breathing, awakening animals who can choose which beliefs do and do not serve us. ⁠

⁠Every time the music begins to play, a new experience unfolds, an opportunity to lean into discomfort arises, and we can CHOOSE to reject the lies we tell ourselves. We can choose to believe that not only does nobody care nor watch or judge, but to the contrary, they are looking to you for cues on what to do. ⁠

⁠What are the cues you choose to offer the planet?⁠

⁠We can quiet our minds and let ourselves dance. Let dancing happen to us. Let dancing happen to those who need it even more than we do. ⁠

⁠And in a way, to let life fully, brilliantly, colorfully happen to us all. ⁠

Now get out there and ask someone to dance!⁠


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