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The Stars Above | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Stars, it seems, are meant to pause one's thoughts. Then, without one's permission, to radically direct them. ⁠⁠

Sometimes to the future, sometimes to the past, sometimes within, and usually, by the end, to without. To the beyond. Beyond self, situation, circumstance, ideas, beliefs, and even time. They are the ultimate meditation. A simple canvas for complete and utter presence. ⁠

⁠Like any meaningful guide, they ask more questions than impart answers. They disrupt one's ground before they create any foundation. Everything feels both clear and completely unknown all at once. ⁠

⁠Yet without fail, the observer leaves feeling right. Feeling, not thinking, that all is good and meaningful and lucky and purposeful and big in the universe. And that we come from it. And that we are here now, and that is enough. It is, in fact, everything. ⁠


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