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A New Chapter | Maple Grove Hot Springs

We believe in chapters. ⁠

⁠Chapter One, for us, was about revival. Almost exactly one year ago, this land closed for business with an uncertain future. With all systems nearly inoperable, Maple shut her doors to humans and opened up to nature. ⁠

⁠Winter hid her scars. Leaving her frozen in time, creating a window for a new direction to brew. We sat. We observed. We dreamed. We panicked. We ultimately committed. But to what?⁠

⁠Powerless, waterless, broken, and flooded, Spring would educate us of the task that lay ahead. Part physical restoration and philosophical exploration, the steps became clear...⁠

⁠To re-naturalize her 45 acres in harmony with the humans called to heal here. To free her land of man-made clutter. To restore key spaces designed for nature-made healing. To allow water, both fresh and mineral, to flow where needed. To house more humans who needed it. And to need more humans to find it. All with less human impact and more human love. The land would be set free and enter into a dance. A dance with humans—one where both parties give, receive, and grow. ⁠

⁠Chapter One has been written. Blood, sweat, tears, family, friends, strangers, and now thousands of customers have helped write it. ⁠Open for business since July, Maple feels like she's revived, although her story is just getting started. ⁠

⁠So today, one year after she closed, we are excited to introduce the two humans who will help shape Chapter Two—Maple's first Winter. Meet Kyle and Tay, our new onsite hosting couple tasked to see her through a full working Winter of guests, healing, challenges, and solutions. ⁠

⁠Like nearly all people behind our project, they found us. Locals from Logan embody what this land requires—a knack for engineering and sustainability, paired with a gift for customer service and human connection. As your hosts, their task is to keep Maple flowing seamlessly into your body, mind, and soul, and to do so in the face of obstacles we have yet to even imagine. ⁠

⁠Saddle up, you two; something tells us you're in for the ride of a lifetime!


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