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Luck 1,245 Days In | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Luck has played a role in this restoration since day one.

But starting on day 1,245, it really started to deliver.

This exact weekend last year, we were well on our way into excavation and cement work for our Stone Shelters.

Foundations were poured, leading to a construction sprint that didn’t stop until we finished up, slightly behind schedule, around June.

While a bazillion things didn’t go as planned during construction, one big thing did that we are just now realizing:

A form of luck—for better or worse—called weather.

And why were we so lucky, then? Because today (day 1,610), we are buried under nearly three feet of snow.

By our best estimates, had we attempted construction last year with this kind of weather, the sobering truth is that it may have simply broken the bank waiting for the ground to melt.

A race against time we simply couldn’t afford.

Plans were made, expenses were committed, shovels were ready, and as you may recall, we would later discover some bad luck with bankers that couldn’t have withstood a single rainy day more.

But we didn’t have 3 feet of snow. We had 60° F sunny days.

What we had was luck.

Photo 1: A mid-May push to wrap up our stone walls with Camrin Dengel.

Photo 2: This weekend last year.

Photo 3: Now.

And what was so lucky about day one? That’s a story best told after the snow melts.


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