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Alternative Black Friday | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Learning From and Supporting the Shoshone Heritage and Memorial Center

"Hate, hate is everywhere. Hate is easy. Action is rare, and it is what's necessary"—Darren Parry, Chairman of the NW Shoshone Tribe.⁠

We've been still since our inaugural fundraising day of yoga, meditation, and meaning last Friday. Words seem to fall shallow, with gratitude running deep. ⁠

The snow came with yogis, soakers, listeners, and storytellers from across Idaho and Utah. Classes were full and cozy, the waters were packed, and well-being was in the air. Most importantly, space was created for collective learning. ⁠

⁠You see, the Bear River, or Boa Ogoi in Shoshone, holds rich Native history and tradition. It also holds deep scars stemming from the early westward expansion that ultimately led to one of the most devastating Native American massacres in the West. One that would alter the course of an entire people. One that would leave an impression on the shores of our contemporary endeavor. ⁠

⁠While we cannot change the past, it is our responsibility to understand it. To learn from it. To act with it in mind. And it is our responsibility to let the right voices guide that process. We gathered around the fire and listened to one of those voices. About the sacrifices grandmothers of the past made to save their families. Of miscommunications that led to murder. Of different value systems and clashing ideas about property, land, and the concept of ownership. Most inspiring of all was learning about efforts underway to preserve and accelerate the rich Shoshone heritage through a new memorial center just downriver. ⁠

⁠By partnering with you all, we channeled about $1k toward that cause. A small drop. But a conversation that will last a lifetime here at the Maple of was started today. It's a dialogue about honoring our collective past, trauma, and wounds by focusing on the present opportunities to learn from one another. To live with one another. To thrive with—and for— one another. ⁠

⁠So much more to come. For now, we invite you to listen along with us. Darren Parry released a new book on his very people, The Shoshone. Proceeds also support the memorial center.


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