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Autumn Thoughts from Madison | Maple Grove Hot Springs

As the Humans hold space here at Maple, a magic happens that we often can't explain. ⁠

⁠Thanks, Madison Groeninger, our Host, for finding words for a feeling that letters often fall far below.

⁠"Fall arrived quickly and gracefully around here. I keep telling everyone that this is what I’ve been waiting for. Ever since we arrived here in a whirlwind back in May and took up living and working full-time on these spectacular grounds, I have been waiting. I have been waiting for the fall crisp mornings brought in with steam rising slowly across the grounds, bursting colors that appear more vivid by the day, and a slight breeze playing through my hair as I soak in our hot mineral waters.⁠⁠

I’ve been waiting for this. And now that it’s here, I am grasping onto it for dear life. As I see the trees drop their leaves, my heart pinches because I don’t want it to slip away so fast. I find myself soaking in the hot pools multiple times a day. I sit outside on the patio just to stare at the colors. I stop on my drive in and out of the canyon to take pictures and try desperately to imprint the images in my memory.⁠

⁠Fall has always been my favorite season. I feel safe in the cooling weather, the warming colors, the cozy clothes and a steaming hot drink to wake me up. These colors won’t last long. As I type this, the leaves are shriveling up and dropping to the ground. But what they represent...a decaying of old life in order to bring new...well, that representation is all around us.⁠

⁠Maple was reborn just 1.5 years ago. To speak of the love, care, soul, sweat, and tears that have built this place back up into what it is today is to speak of all of the wonderful people that saw that potential and simply [not really simple at all] made it happen. I struggle to express my gratitude for this place and its people often. Words never seem enough.⁠

⁠So I take comfort in knowing that beauty comes in waves. Our favorites probably wouldn’t be our favorites if they were always here. And in order for new growth and life, some things need to decay or end. We leave here in November, and my heart's already breaking imagining it. What an amazing journey it has been.”


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