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Deliberate Inaction Covid 19

Fight or flight. ⁠

⁠That’s what we are told to do as both humans and small businesses at a time like this. However, this land has taught us there is always a third option. ⁠

⁠It’s me, Jordan. I am a partner and our GM. Today, personal connection feels important. Our relationship with you as customers and friends is the currency through which we trade. Behind this business are humans like me and many others. ⁠

⁠Last year, almost to the day, I was confident that this scheme could never be harder. We lost power and water (of all types) and woke up to a month of rain that decided never to really stop. If there was a stone to roll up a hill, we were at the bottom, and ours was stuck in the mud. ⁠

⁠Flight was never an option. Too many life savings were then buried deep into the project to simply walk away. Fight, then, was our method of confrontation. And confrontation is often what we got. ⁠

⁠With each hasty solution, new problems emerged. After every pre-mature decision, invaluable information would spring forth. Knee-jerk actions led to heartfelt collapses. And then, a third option became clear. ⁠

⁠Nothing. Doing nothing. Deliberate inaction. ⁠

⁠It’s the hardest thing to do. To be still, after all, is to be un-busy. Yet in this space, observation becomes king, and control fades away. Today, there is so little to control and so much to witness. How familiar, then, that our collective task requires one thing from us all, inaction. ⁠

⁠Move less. Do less. Gather less. And simply be more. ⁠

⁠There is time for doing, acting, solving, and hustling. And when that time comes, we will be first in line. But today, we wait a little longer, and we thank you for waiting along with us. ⁠

⁠Stay tuned for updates to our forecasted opening, our re-imagined Spring and Summer season, and our thoughts on how to let this land guide our collective wellness when all the being is done. ⁠

⁠Thanks, Kerri Fukui, for capturing one of our many fight-or-flight faces from year one.


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